Tried searching for an answer to this, but not sure even how to explain this question so i will show a code example.(I blame java, better then saying i'm brain damaged)

I have no problems with pointers. But can't seem to remember the correct way to call the constructor when init on stack.

<&hair pull, hair pull.

class test1 {
    std::string somestring;
    int somevalue;

    test1(std::string ss, int value) {
        somestring = ss;
        somevalue = value;

class test2 {
    test2() {
        mytest1("test",6); // <<< that doesn't work
        mytest1 = test1("test",6); // << tried this

        pMytest1 = new test1("test", 4); // << this works, but places it on heap

    // test1 mytest1("test",6); <<< that is not correct.. 
    test1 mytest1;
    test1 *pMytest1;


In this case you need to use the constructor's initialization list because there's no default constructor for test1:

test2() : mytest1("test", 6)
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