i want to create a visual project with using the same template and design as outlook


Not exactly sure what it is you're asking - you want to build an interface on your application that looks like Outlook 2010?

hey waddell thanks, check the screen shot that i attached to see what i mean , thanks for your help

can't find any controls that help me building an interface like the one attached , any help please ?

Begin by placing a FlowLayoutPanel control on the left side of the window, then put other controls on top of it. Change the background color of all controls to whatever color you want them to be.

How i can get in the FlowLayoutPanel the one marked in Red , in the attached picture and the form marked in Yellow

To achieve not just the microsoft outlook interface but MS Office as you would have noticed Microsoft Office applications come with same looka and feel, you should learn more about "ribbons". You could get some help on the control here

but how i can integrate these controls into visual studio 2010 ?

You can start by adding references From project > Add Reference > Browse > Select dll File > Select desired components. Then you can add the controls to your toolbox

actually i am confused can you explain more please , or give me a related article