Can any one tell me how to check if the elements of two arrays are same? in c

Seeing as in this post you just copy/pasted from wiki answers, I suggest that you study and learn from what you posted. Once you do that, there'll be no reason to ask this question.

i can't write code for you . But i can just give the idea .

just decalre 2 arrays like a[10] and b[10] assign values to them.And create one more variable of boolean type assign it a value false(Actually i am working with very old and also not good compiler which is TurboC++, there is nothing like bool.). So if you also working on TurboC++ compiler then i think you should create a integer type variable assign 0 to it.
then check each element of array with == operator.When condition is found true then assign True Or 1 to the variable.When you find the result of == to be false then simply assign False Or 0 to the variable and break the loop.

at last check if the variable contain True Or 1 , its mean both are same And Arrays won't be same when the variable contain False or 0.

Actually i am not sure whether c programing support bool data type or not. if it does not support then you can just assign 0 or 1 for False and True respectively.

now , you can do with it.

i am glad to see that somebody is really learning here.
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you can take two arrays and check the condition a[i]==b[j] within 2 for will be i=o i<size of 1st array i++ and within this j=0 j<=i j++
and in these 2 loops you can check the condition a[i]==b[j] and print elements are same or else come out of loop and print they are not same.

you can also do it without a loop by calling memcmp(), which compares two arrays byte-by-byte.

int a[] = {1,2,3,4,5};
int b[] = {1,2,3,4,5};

if( memcmp(a,b,sizeof(a)) == 0)
   printf("They are the same\n");
   printf("They are different\n");
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