I wrote a few applications using Visual Studio 2010 and i was saving them in different folders but all of them are saved on my desktop and now i want to combine them and i'm failing..please can you help me or give me instructions on how to do it. Thank you :

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Hi Tsomondos, welcome at DaniWeb.
What OS do you have?
I have Windows 7, I open My computer via Start. A Window opens and here I can drag and drop the files in folders where I like to have them.

Combine them ?
You say you want to copyy and paste all the files (project file) on different folder and by mistaken all the Files get paste to the Desktop...
then what there to be serius?
You can just Cut all the Files and save (paste) to the New Folder.
so all the files will be at same location...
Now what you want so?

If your question is different then please elaborate it so

Hi guys i solved the problem by re doing it again because i had so many duplicated forms and i couldn't compile...anyone who can give me the code where by my form have to show the number of people registered in my db and also the code for password thanks

post some code on what you have done and you would get help if you have issues.

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