Hi Dw

I've created a program which I don't want it to be visible by any means, I don't want it to be visible to people who will be using Group View tools to manage the computer, I want it to be like the windows system files which does not appear under the installed programs files if you go to Contol Panel>Uninstall program file I don't want it to be visible in that list of installed programs, I don't know if this can be achieved in vb.net as I wrote my program in it, I know there is nothing impossible I just need the way of completely hide a service program on a computer. Thank you.


No offense but your handle is Mr. Hacker and you want to hide programs from control panel etc....

I'm just slightly curious as to the purpose of this query.

Not to be judgemental or anything, but this subject interested me so I did a short search on it and I found multiple ways using system information files and registry techniques to do just this thing--and it took me maybe a couple minutes to find the information...

I can tell you this though. If you want to use a program to hide a file from a user you could change the attributes of it like this: (this is an about.txt file in the installation directory, for instance)

IO.File.SetAttributes(Application.StartupPath + "\Resources\About.txt", IO.FileAttributes.ReadOnly = 1) 'ReadOnly = 1 makes the file -s (SYSTEM) and -h (HIDDEN) so it would not be easy to find.

Anyway, to use an application to hide itself is an interesting thing, but you would have to design it to run with administrative privileges and that is another subject altogether (I think).

And, FYI, I am pretty sure that VB.Net is verbose enough to accomplish something like this if you know the right code and put in enough time and effort into finding your solution. Hopefully you don't want to do this for negative reasons, but, either way, it should be a fun learning process.

@G_Waddell well I chosen that user name because daniweb require to create a unique name that doesn't mean I'm hacking, but I agree with you Jamlaster we don't have to be judgmental, I will try to change this name but I've tried before on my phone but I had a problem.

This program is a program that will be used by my programs to complete a task, I won't go much in details on this programs for this project security reasons but I'm creating a programs to do unbreakable or unrippable discs so when I designed this I saw it would be helpful if I completely hide the protector program so that hackers and crackers will not be able to access this program as they will not know that it is installed and when you ripping a disc that this program perform some task which I won't mention for security reasons, I'm sure now you understand what I'm up to not hacking.

Fair enough, As I said I was just curious and didn't mean any offense

So is there any way I can go about doing this in vb.net?

I've just reAsked the question and I've got what seems to be helpful for the sake of someone who is also looking for the same solution here is the link to my other thread that is helpful.