hi, im doing a project on stock control system. if any body is interested in helping me out with my whole project i will be vry thankful 2 you. my project deadline is in december 2013. if u would like to help me pls contact me. pls reply as soon as possible.

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This forum is all about help but we can't do that unless you ask a question. First you have to show that you have put in some effort of your own.

k. cn u help me wid the search button. that is from a combo box i have to choose a field name and then enter a particular data into a textbox relating to the field name selected above and then when i press the search button data should be displayed in the data grid below.

how cn i connect ms word with vb 6 cuz i need it to produce the reorder letter. i tried many ways but it didnt work.

i wnat all the above codes in vb6.0

any1 available to help me out..

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