I have a problem when I do my task.

task: Made a program about queue in Bank teller system. Teller A if deposit <=10million, teller B > 10million
the count of customer(queue) is random and the price if deposit is random too.

output: how much customers,time and total transaction at teller A, also at teller B.

Thx before

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The instructions are not completely clear -- How are you supposed to determine how much time each transaction takes? Or is that just a random number too?

First you will have to define exactly what each node of the linked list will contain. Each node of the linked list will represent one customer, and you will need to set up two lists, one for each teller. Then get a random number to indicate how many customer nodes belong to Teller A, and another random number to indicate how many customer nodes belong to Teller B. When building the linked lists you can also set the deposit amount for each customer using random numbers as indicated in the instructions.

After you get the two linked lists done, all you have to do is iterate through each list, sum up the depositions, then finally print the report.

No one here is going to write the program for you, so you will need to post the code you have and ask questions about what you don't understand.

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