I have multiple embedded database that all work fine while running inside netbeans, but when running the program outside (stand alone) of netbeans one of the databases does exist ie the error

java.sql.SQLSytaxErrorEception: Table/View'RACE_DATABASE' does not exist.

The database is confirmed as embedded when checking its properties.

this was working perfectly fine a week ago, and I have been working on a completely seperate piece of the code unrelated to the database. The problem showed up when I tried installing and running on another machine. (it also does the same now on developer machine outside of netbeans.)
I know this not a lot of info to go on without code, but the program is too large to post.

any insights or things to check?

If necessary, I can completely rebuild the database from scratch.... still have the datafiles.

Having embedded database inside your project doesn't guarantie that it will work everywhere. Do you have any checks run on your database to determinate that all tables been created/do exist before your let user to do anything?

**here is an easy solution to that prob "table doesn't exist"

I'm using win 8.1 enterprise , netbeans 8.0, jdk 7u67

just copy the database folder from C:\Users\"username".netbeans-derby\

to your project folder in netbeans project folder directory

same can be done for eclipse.**