I have a problem that is as follows.

One list box with 30 perons in it and I have command(index) from a - z
when I dblclick on a name it fill all the textboxes good
but I will have it like when I dblclick on a name in the listbox
say Smith Leon then I will have the responding
letter from the command(index)

Thanks for help

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i can't understand , what you want.
please explain again in convenient way.

command(index) from A - Z
30 persons with different Lastname
I will if I press in list box
say Smith then the corresponding command(index).caption = vbred

There isno easy way or no way to change the forecolor of a command button. Workaround is easy. Instead of using a command button use a checkbox. This has the same properties as a command button but also a forecolor property.
What you do is set the property style to graphical. The checkbox looks like command button after and you can set the forecolor

Check1.ForeColor = vbRed


It works

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