I have good knowledge of C, and a good knowledge of core Java. Please list out the areas I need to cover for J2EE. There are many technology available in j2ee.. Please tel me which technology is using uptodate.. I have premium account in lynda, vtc, and pluralaight.. There many courses are listed in j2ee..
Jsp and servlets,
Spring mvc
Spring aop and aspectj
Mastering Java swing
Maven fundamentals
Play2 for java
Restful service in java using jersey
Spring with jpa and hibernate

Please help me friends where to start and finish the j2ee technologies.. This is very important for my career.

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then go for lynda tutorials.

you can go for either pluralaight or lynda.There is no advanced contents on VTC.

and change books/courses: if it has J2EE in the title, chances are high it is outdated, since J2EE became out of date early 2006, when it was replaced by Java EE 5 (and has been called Java EE x every since)
Another good thing to realize: don't go for "shortest time possible". don't learn it "quickly", learn it "decently"

thanks for the reply friends... i want one more help.. i have started learning jsp and servlets from yesterday... actually i m looking for a job in java EE.. in my local area where i m living companies are hiring in j2ee only.. here i tell you some requirements what are all looking in some companies.. please read those things and guide me what i have to study...

  1. Desired Skills :
Experience in JAVA (J2SE, J2EE)
A sound understanding of relational databases and SQL
Experience in Microsoft SQL Server (2005 / 2008)
  1. Desired Skills for JAVA :
Good Aptitude and Logical Reasoning
Core and Advanced Java is Mandatory
Added advantage if Associate has Struts/Spring/hibernate knowledge
Added advantage if Associate has basic Database knowledge
Experience at least one Year in development Project
Added advantage if Associate has unit testing knowledge
  2. Knowledge on any of the Framework & Database development

5.Skills required are as below :
1. Core Java
3. Servlet
4. Spring
5. JPA
6. Hibernate

6.# Java/J2EE Development experience

Programming in Java, JSP
Good understanding of software / product development processes.

7.# Urgent Hiring for Lead position !!! We are looking for candidates who can join immediately and ideal candidate should have experience working on Java/j2ee, Spring, Hibernate / JSF.

8.Essential Skills :
1. Core Java - Mandatory skills.
2. Hibernate - Mandatory skills.
3. Spring - Mandatory skills.
4. Oracle 11.2 database SQL/PLSQL - Mandatory skills.
5. J-query - good to have skills.
6. Web-service- Mandatory skills.
7. Good communication skills is must.
8. Knowledge in Coldfusion will be added advantage.

  1. Mandatory Skills :
Must have experience in JAVA/J2EE.
Must have experience in any of the framework - Swings/Spring/Hibernate/Struts.
Should have experience in OOPS Programming.
Preferred to have candidates with experience in Network Management Systems.

above the numbers i mentioned for each companies hiring different technologies.. i dont know what to study im scared about my career.. i want to become a evil coder but before that i want to get a good job.. please guide me friends.. what i have to study now.. please tell me these things also..

web service means? what to study for that?
frameworks means? what are they? what for using?
what database should i study?
and please go through the companies hiring skils and tell me what i have to study for that.. i started study jsp and servlets, is that worth reading now to get job in my area???
please help

you want to become an "evil coder"? and what is that supposed to mean? planning on writing virusses?

anyway, look at the repeated demands:
Hibernate (a persistence framework) seems asked a lot, so is Struts (a front-end framework).
Swing is pretty easy to learn, it's a front-end gui that allows you to create.
Spring and JPA seem popular too, so you can have your pick.

web services are services you run on a (remote?) webserver, and that you can contact using your own code.
this might make that a bit more clear.
frameworks are (a VERY rough description) some abstract principles combined with certain built-in behaviour, that is supposed to deal with regulary re-occuring tasks to make it simpler.
what database you should study? imho: none. your code should be written in such way that you have to change the very least amount of code (preferrably only one line in a config file) when migrating to another server or database.
but, for instance, in the first add you posted, knowing something about "Microsoft SQL Server (2005 / 2008)" wouldn't hurt.

it'll never hurt you to try. a lot of companies are willing to invest in their (future) employees: if they don't have all the knowledge yet, the company will give them some tutoring, being it with a personal mentor or a group course you'll take.

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