I have only one week to learn java at a intermediate level.

What books tutorials you recomend?

Another thing I have to learn is java Algoritms and Data structures.

Can some one show me how?

I have a little bit understanding of arrays if while for switch classes try catch

Thank you for your help.

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I guess You should look For LYnda TUTS <SNIPPED>

it is So HelpFul in JAVA

and about Data structures I will ask My professor For IT :)

@elsunhoty you better read forum rules specially

Do not ask about obtaining pirated software, nor link to it

@dany12 Starting "Java" on top this section is full of valuable input

I read them but they are for people who have more than a week.
I have to be at that level in a week so I need something to speed up my learning.

Thank you for your input

well Dany12 ... not to break your hopes down, but:

I have only one week to learn java at a intermediate level.

about every (decent) Java course that covers only the basics, without any prerequisite knowledge takes months. learning a language within a week is ... well, crazy, to say the least.

of course that would depend on your interpretation of 'intermediate'. if we're talking about making you able to write a 'HelloWorld' program, no problem.
if you're talking about writing decent code in small to medior difficulty applications: forget it.

as a very, VERY basis, you need to learn the languages syntax, some basic rules, keywords, datatypes, operators, keywords, about the compilation/running process, ....
also, you'll need to learn how to read/interpret stacktraces, work with online documentations, several concepts of OOPS and how they are implemented/work in Java.

this alone most likely 'll take you more than a week, and this is far from enough to consider yourself an intermediate java developer.

stuktuske is right. Nobody is smart enough to be able to learn "intermediate" Java in a week, or a month. Best that you re-evaluate your goals.

Here's what you do. Skip everything in life and build a time machine. Time travel back in time, and teach yourself Java. But time travel is impossible. So my suggestion. Get better at mangaging your time.

Yeah, learning java in a week is really going to be hard and would be similar for me to prepare for a national's thigh-boxing fight within a week after being out of practice for months but still possible if u r ready to take up some hard beating!!!

NightOwl: are you saying it would be "hard but possible" to learn Java at a decent level within a week ?
I do hope you are kidding. Any normal course (covering only the basics: OO, primitives, one-class-applications starting from 'Hello World', small non-GUI applications, basic Swing (no webapps)) takes approximately a year.

Telling someone he can (without any previous knowledge) be at intermediate level within a week ... well, you 're right. if he believes that, he'll take a beating alright. Nothing to beat a man up worse than the words "you are fired."

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