I want to make an import export company desktop application. But i am getting problem in making the design of the application.
can anyone please help me regarding this???

C# is, like C++ and Java, an object-oriented language. Think about classes (things), methods (how to affect those things), and member variables (bits of the thing). Then, use a modeling language such as UML to model your system - classes, methods, members. A good place to start with that is www.sparx.com's Enterprise Architect. They have a good trial period (full functionality), and very good tutorials. It is a Windows app, but it runs well on Linux under Wine. I have been using it for about 8 years, and it is worth every bit of the $195 cost for a professional license. It also takes your models and turns them into source code (to the language of your preference), or vice-versa! IE, suck up source code and turn it into a visual model! Very neat stuff!

Use the tools you have learned in your classes. Outline the design of the project:

  • Customers
  • Orders
    Order Number
    Item Name
    Item Count
    Item Price / Container

Using that structure, you have a design you can follow:

  • 2 Forms, 1 For Customers, 1 For Orders.
  • Customer form will have user input for Name, Address, etc...
  • Order form will have user input for Order Number, Item Name(s), The cost for each item, etc...
  • ...