This is for a command button array but i have a problem in the quoted text, the error Expected End of Statement, i am learning from a book, i guess there is some problem in typing the code. Please somebody resolve my problem!
Dim BookMark1 As Variant
'Mark your place in case no match is found
BookMark1 = dtaTitles.Recordset.Bookmark
'Move to top of table to start search

dtaTitles.Recordset.Find "Author >= '" + cmdLetter(Index).Caption + "'", 0, adSearchForward
If dtaTitles.Recordset.EOF = True Then
dtaTitles.Recordset.Bookmark = BookMark1
End If

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Does it highlight where the end of statement is expected?

Also do you handle if cmdLetter(index) is out of bounds?


dtaTitles.Recordset.Find("Author >= '" & cmdLetter(Index).Caption & "'", 0, adSearchForward)

It would also help if you specify what version of VB you are using. In my version (2010), Variant is not a valid type. You should be using "&" for concatenation rather than "+". And finally, instead of

If dtaTitles.Recordset.EOF = True Then

you can use

If dtaTitles.Recordset.EOF Then

i used vb6 because i am just learning now, so i want to start with the first vb program.
Thanks "Reverend Jim" I succedded but i just changed something since it gave me another error, i did not put the (..) around the code, cause its telling me to put an "="

G_Waddell, yes it does highlight, its till here :
dtaTitles.Recordset.Find "Author >= '" +
cmdLetter(Index).Caption + "'", 0, adSearchForward
I succedded, Thanks anyway for trying to solve my problem.

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