I am looking for alternatives to setup a server in work place which does not allow to setup new software to computers to check and reserve rooms for meetings both through local network computers or possible from home / on the move.

I of course would like to have thy UI in Webserver using one of the Python frameworks (mayby web2py) for dealing with management of reservations. I have idea of this kind of UI

                ROOM xxx DAY X-Y-Z

            |     Description                   |
Reserved    | | | | | | |X| |X|X| | | | | | | | | 
            | | | | | | |X| |X|X| | | | | | | | | 
            | | | | | | |X| | | | |X| | | |X| | | 
            | | | | | | |X|X|X| | | |X|X| | | | | 

Idea is that time slots of for example 15 min each are described by the boxes for every quarter hour of the day and mark indicates who reserved it. By clicking reserved box you would get description of the reservation, for free space you could mayby have reservation from this same display.

I am wondering how to handle this. Do the web frameworks have support for this, or should I just dive into HTML/CSS?
I have earlier done some coding with CGI and own Python code to produce table in HTML for web display and some Jython/Swing code, but I have not really deep experience on web frameworks for Python .

Microframework like Flask and Bottle would be fine for a task like this.
There are many 14 Minimal Web Frameworks for Python

(mayby web2py)

Would also be ok.

or should I just dive into HTML/CSS?

You should look in to it hard to do web stuff without it,also AJAX and jQuery can be ok to look into.

I have earlier done some coding with CGI and own Python code to produce table in HTML for web display

CGI is pretty much dead after PEP 333 now is WSGI used in all modern Python web-framework and microframework.

Some more info here

WSGI is Python only. Rather than a language agnostic protocol, a standard function signature is defined:

You can look at an Run some Flask code here

I found that Twitters Bootstrap takes a lot of the work out of some of the messy stuff from html/css, and makes modern looking web interfaces. You can use this in addition to a backend framework.

In addition to the frameworks mentioned above, there is also django to consider.

EDIT: Sorry, didn't mean to revive an old thread.

Not sure if this reservation project will be realized,but I have other one. To make it simple, I think I will use anyway ready solution, there is free program called Booked writen in PHP that should be able to do this kind of things easily. Only problem seems to be that translation is partial (at least Finnish) and seems to end up in mixed up situation with Filter, help in popup notes...

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