I'm currently taking BSIT (1st year college) and as of this time we are using C++ and may soon run Oracle and other software applications used in programming, my current laptop specs is:

Intel Core2 Duo CPU P8600 @ 2.40GHz, 3.0GB RAM, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3400 Series.

Will these applications run smoothly with these kind of specs? If not is there a recommended upgrade on my existing PC (laptop), else what is the recommended specs.

NOTE: Is this the right place to post my question? thank you!

Those specs are fine, though more RAM never hurts. My dev machine at work has 8GB and my home PC has 16GB. A stronger CPU would be your second upgrade as necessary.

What deceptikon said. More memory is good - if your system supports it, then 8GB is appropriate, especially once you start running Oracle. BTW, what operating system are you running?

Thanks decepticon and rubberman for the replies, my current OS is Windows 7

32 or 64 bit? With 32 bit you have a hard 4GB limit, 3GB and change of which would be usable to applications. For 64 bit that physical limit is raised to between 8GB and 192GB depending on your specific version of Windows 7:

Home Basic: 8GB
Home Premium: 16GB
Everything Higher: 192GB

Home Starter has a hard limit of 2GB and 32 bit, but it's somewhat rare to see that version in the wild because it's so very limited.

I have a 32 bit version of Windows 7 Ultimate
will you recommend me getting a 64 bit version and later on upgrading my RAM?

Once you start running Oracle you will need more memory. You can do that with virtual memory (swap space), that that will slow down the system terribly! So yes, upgrade to 64-bit Windows and if you can upgrade memory to 8GB. You will be a much more happy camper with that setup. In this case, more memory and 64-bit OS will serve you better than a faster CPU. At least you have two cores - which is equivalent to 2 CPU's. I have a similar setup with my old Dell D630, which has 4GB of RAM, but then I am running 64-bit enterprise Linux on it which works well with 4GB of RAM.

Thanks rubberman for the response, I think a 4GB or higher RAM and a 64-bit OS will do for now, thanks! :)

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