When I open the outlook web app on my computuer only the most recent email appears. I cannot click on and open any email before the most recent. Then the "Stop running this script?" box comes on and freezes the outlook web app. This computer has Windows XP. Not software savvy, any help would be appreciated!

How can I access other emails without the hassle of the "Stop running this script?" box?


John Jon

Re: Stop running this script? 80 80

Hi, John. To stop Outlook (Express?) freezing, use Explorer to navigate to your Outlook account; change the name of your Inbox.dbx to Inbox.old.
You should now be able to start OE without it freezing. OE will create a new Inbox.dbx file. Go to Tools, Options and check Read messages in plain text. You might also need to check Block images and external content under the Security tab.
Close OE, go back to the mail folder and swap the name of Inbox.old back to .dbx. OE may now let you read mail; delete unknown mail, or that which could be suspect... you can pull it out of Deleted file again until you isolate the baddie.

Re: Stop running this script? 80 80

No toffee-apple for you.

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