Hi, I have a big problem with slow Internet on one computer. This problem started to occur about 2 weeks ago now.

The problem I am having is that I am getting really slow speeds however it is only on my main computer. Every device in the house Is run wirelessly. Eg. Running a speedtest on my iPad, gives me a 1.5mg/s download which is the usual speed for my Internet as i live in the countryside. However my Pc gives me speed test results of 0.01 download. Both my iPad and Pc are in the same position from the router. The weird thing is that my Pc was getting normal speeds 2 weeks ago and now this happens. Sometimes the speed will go back up on my Pc but only for 10-15 mins and then drop again.

I have run loads of virus scans and nothing has shown up. I have restarted routers and updated the drivers of my computer. I have no explanation for it because it was fine 2 weeks ago. I have tried to think that it is the ISP, however it is only running slow on my Pc. My Pc is very good and isn't any old rubbish. I would appreciate any helps as I am stuck on what to do

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Are you able to identify some "event" that occurred before the PC's internet speed became slow? any new software installed, drivers, config change? If so, are you able to restore the PC to the point in time prior to this slowness?

There is nothing in Windows itself that we can have you go look at to "check" or "select" something to make the Internet go faster.

Do you notice when looking at the properties of your network connection if there is activity on the interface even if you arent actively on the network?

What happens if you plug this computer into the wired network? Or at least wire it into your Internet connection to see if its a problem with the PC, wireless network interface or both?

At the moment the internet speed is back up. I did nothing what so ever and it just went back up. This is why i can't put it down to some program messing it up. However i am sure that it will go slow again anytime soon. I can't make it a wired connection as it is so far from the router.

I can't make it a wired connection as it is so far from the router.

You'll need to be able to reproduce the issue and find ways to mitigate the issue to be sure you find the issue. I think the wired suggestion is valid. If its too far from the router, see if you can get a longer ethernet cable.

If the problem continues to be random, I'm not sure what else to advise. When troubleshooting, the key is to identify the actual problem. you'll need to make simple changes to try and identify the culprit.

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