Hi there,
My friend just formatted his pc in office and installed windows 8 32 bit. He had a samsung mobile phone with 2G/3G internet. He is using internet from the mobile through his laptop with usb cable in his home. So the phone part is ok. But he is unable to connect the same mobile phone internet in his newly formatted office pc. His connction provider is Idea(India). He don't know how to fix this. So he told me to help. But i can't say anything by phone without knowing what is happening in his pc. I need help.Thanks in advance.

And how do you expect us to troube shoot his PC?

But my first guess would be broken/missing drivers.

As Anima had said. This sounds like a problem with drivers. You will need to check with the phone's manufacture to see if they have/support Windows 8 drivers.

Thank you Anima Templi & Begginnerdev. Let me try.

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