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I've create an ASP.NET web app using VB.NET and now I want to connect an access database to it so that it can save data, and also read data from it, I've added the database as resources but I'm not sure if this is appropriate and I haven't wrote any code for linking it because I didn't want to mess with it at this time because the due date is thursday which is tomorrow. Any help, references will be appreciated thank you

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Check out my post Here. This is how i connect to a database as well as use SQL commands like IMPORT and UPDATE. I don't know how it will work with an ASP app but it could be worth a shot. Let me know if you would need more information on how to use it such as SELECT statements and all.

Thanks but how do I locate my database. Let say I've added the database as resources or is located within the project file under the bin directory. Also there a quite a number of codes which are not supported bu ASPX that are on your post such as ConnectionError. And also I don't understand the str where does it come from or I have to declare it, if I declare it I should declare as what? String or?

Well I've managed to solve this problem. Thank you for your participation

Sorry, I didn't see your response. str was a STRING variable. ConnectionError was a Boolean value.

As far as placement of your database, place it in your Resources folder. Then go back to my code and under the "datafile" variable set it to the name of your database file. Do make sure that you have the correct provider. If you use an accdb database file then the "provider" is fine.

datafile = "MyDatabase.accdb"

Thanks but I've already solved this problem by using the SQL statements.

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