Hello I have a vb.net application with MS access database.
I want to run LAN in 3 pc by this application.
So it possible or which SQL method shuold I adopt for LAN connectivity.
I started to convert my database in SLQ express but I am not succeed .

You can still use Access if you create a share on the host and then point your connection string to that share.

I assume you are using an windows environment?

If so, you can try this.

You can use the SQL data import/export wizard to create the database in SQL Express.

But beware, you might have to recreate relationships.

can i make LAN connectivity in Home Group?
I require one pc as database server and any of the three pcs can retrive and update database on LAN.
So would it be possibel by LAN in MS access database connecting by Home Group(the link you provided)

Yes, you will need to network the computers together to be able to reach the server computer.

For example:

1)Connect the computers to a router
2)Create the database on the server
3)Create a share and store the database there
3)Set connection string in application (See [this](http://www.connectionstrings.com))
4)Make sure that the server computer is on and accessible

The database path for the server will be something like:


Assign IP address to each computer for easy connectivity.
Then use Telnet to see if PC's are communicating.

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