First of all, hello everyone, seems like a good forum you guys have here.

My query is im trying to allow access to my companys software support forum from its software which is created in, i wish to pass a few variables that the user enters in delphi to the log in html form and populate it. Ive been at this for a while now and i dont appear to be getting anywhere fast.

Anyone out there know a way around this??

Thanks in advance



Is the application you mention a WebApplication (like .aspx pages) or a WinForms application (Desktop application) which communicates with a WebService ? You might pass variables to a HTML form in two ways : if you use GET method for HTML Request you can add
"?var1=val1&var2=val2" at the end of URL but you need according processing code for those on the sever side (.aspx) or you can send bigger variables silently through POST vars. I believe you can access those variables thourgh WebRequest class' fileads. I can help more if you give more details.

Loren Soth