First am I missing any other notable ones? I only want to know about crossplatform standalone source-based modules, so no Gui IDEs.

PyGObject (Gtk's successor)

I already know that Tkinter is the default so it is the obvious choice for crossplatform because of its licensing and availability, with the obvious exception of Apple.
And Pyjamas is for web apps, although Grail did it first.

But which one is has the best speed for performance-wise efficiency?
And what about speed as in Rapid Application Developments?
And ease of use?
And most feature rich and powerful? Which would you use to do 3D rendering? Is there such a thing as a complex and highly evolved 3D game written or rewritten in python?

Also I want to know what each of they are best used for, like if you have no choice and you have to use each of them then what would you do with them based on what you know they are optimized to handle for?

Since this is all visually out in the open, what about the aesthetics? Tkinter now has theming, although much is still left to be desired.

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I personally like Tkinter. There is also Kivy which also works on tablets.

I will continue to use Tkinter for the simplicity even though it doesn't have that natural pythonic feel to its writing style.
And Kivy if I ever think of something that needs multitouch, since everything I write works with singletouch.
But Pyjamas will always be my choice for websites.

Qt is heavy.
Gtk is barely crossplatform.

I teach tkinter to my students in the second phase of the course. They seems to get to grips with it from the beginning.

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