I've never really tried MFC and this excercise is nothing more than trying it out.

I found what seemed like a simple spoon fed tutorial to get me started here.

Step 6 of the first part in that link says...

Inside 'Tutorial.h', change enum value of IDD to "IDD_ECHOBUTTONEVENT_DIALOG"

However when I open the header file mentioned there is no mention of an enum at all, so I skipped that step.

When I get down to the...

Add Control Variable...

section which says...

Right-Mouse-Button click the "Button Clicks" text box, select Add Variable...
In the 'Add Variable Wizard' window, change

No wizard window appears. The class wizard window shows up as do the other wizard windows, just nothing when I select the Add Variable window.

Once again, this is not a coding problem I care about much, just hoping someone familiar with MFC app programming might know a noob answer.

Thanks for reading.

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Inside 'Tutorial.h', change enum value of IDD to "IDD_ECHOBUTTONEVENT_DIALOG"

The enum value mentioned I found in "TutorialDlg.h" rather than "Tutorial.h"

Appears to have solved the problem as now the wizard shows up.

I imagine some things must have changed since the tut was written.

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