I am having two different logins on my website.
One for the admins to update teh CMS, other I am creating is to provide our 3rd party, access to the files, but are not to be included in the CMS.

So I need to have two forms in my web.config; currently this is my entry in the web config:

    <authentication mode="Forms">
      <forms name="appNameAuth" loginUrl="default.aspx" defaultUrl="start.aspx" protection="Validation" />
      <forms loginUrl="VenLogin.aspx" name="MY_AUTH" slidingExpiration="true" timeout="20"/>

But it give the following error:

Parser Error Message: The element <forms> may only appear once in this section.

So How can I merge them or resolve this issue.


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As far as i know, yes you can only have one forms element. What i've done in the past is

have one login page and use different panels to display the appropriate login form based upon something (querystring, session, cookie, source ip, etc...), or have a login page and redirect the user to a different login page based upon something (refer to the first list of somethings...)


i think an iframe can also hold a second form. not sure if will be helpful for logins though.


one webform can have one from you specefied to forms in a single webform
use panels in your webform then you dont need the above action

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