Hi everyone,
please anyone help me...
My program is correctly compiled but not runnig?
What would be the problem in my program??

Without source code it is very difficult to know.

Please post a short sample of your program, a description of what you expect to be happening and what is happening and we will be better equipped to help you out.

I can't speak for everyone, but we're not psychic. At the very least I don't know anyone with an Espeon as their avatar.

Well, I'm psychic and telepathic (in my dreams). The problem is he hasn't posted his code... :-)

what is your environment?
what is your platform ?
what is your OS?
if your code is correct , must be check your software or other components

#include <cstdlib>
using namespace std;

// declaring global variable
int i;

int main()

     cout<<"In main() the value of i is:" <<i; 
     cout<<"Back in main the value of i is"<<i;     


     void f()
           cout<<"In f() the value of i is:"<<i;

Your program might compile but does the compiler produce any errors or warnings? You have to fix them befre you can run the program. I spot at least one error -- line 13, functions have to be declared before they can be called.