hi is there someone that can give me some hints on how to create excel file using data from my ms access database..because i haven't seen one in the net maybe someone might help me here..i would appreciate some hints or tutorials..:D thanks a lot...

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In Excel when you take the "File ... Open" menu option you can change the file type to Access database. The next step is to select a data source such as a table or query. Then you see the database table in Excel. Very easy.

you mean exporting my data from access to excel?

Not really exporting; you don't necessarily have to do anything in Access. So I guess it is more like importing your Access data into Excel.

Try it:
In Excel, open a file.
A file selection dialog appears.
Change the file type to "Access Databases".
Select the Access database you want.
You may get a security warning. Click Enable.
A "Select Table" dialog appears. This lists available tables and queries.
Select the one you want & click OK.
The Access data is then displayed in Excel.

If you want to you can write a query in Access to provide just the data you require and then open that query in Excel.

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Using crytal report, setting output to excel file, easily :)

You don't need Crstal Reporting for this. It's as easy as clicking the Data tab and then "From Access" and then follow the prompts.

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