I believe that employing agile and lean techniques is very effective. It is very usefull for all projects either it is software or website or any other project if you agree or disagree give your reviews with proper reason.

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I agree or disagree depending on what agile components you think are effective. ;) Sprints and stories, awesome. Pair programming, hit or miss. TDD, weak at best in my experience. Agile as a whole is good, but there are parts that aren't so good, which is why there are so many flavors of methodology.


Can you please tell me which parts you are talking about that are not good so that i can get the idea and get improve my software.


I find that "Agile" is more being used as a buzzword. I find a lot of buisiness persons throw it around without really understanding the concept other then "it's what other 'hot' firms use".

I like roughly incremental approaches to software development though. Given that project requirements are clear and the team is organized, I feel like they'll be fine.

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