I want to create an application that downloads a table (containing a schedule) from a specific website and stores it in a text file. Then it reads the text file and performs some calculations of the schedule's time.

I tried by downloading the source code of the website but it didn't work.

Any kinds of helps, links to tutorial, any ideas and references would be of great help.

Thanksin advance.

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The technique you are referring to is called screen scraping.You use a WebRequest object to access a particular URL, capture the stream and then parse through it to locate the content you are after.
Tutorial here

What you want to achieve can sometimes be highly complicated. I recently made a useful aplication for students which allows them to see the current eating menu. other people tried to do that as well but couldn't get a permission to access their "database" which is the easiest thing to require rather then exploring the website. First I spend two weeks on their website to see how the data is presented and what is the best way to fetch this kind of data and ensure that the app doesn't crash. My app is now fine but if they change something drasticaly then I would have to make a big remake. So first download the html data use async, task, await, for such operation (have a look at async programming in c#, this is a must learn topic!) than try to point to the specific keywords to retrieve your data and then fetch out the inside content of the html tags...

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