I have a project and I need a good web hosting one that is free but that will also let people create accounts, and have a little profile page like Facebook if anyone has any in mind please post below!

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Also no ads if possible

I would agree with 000webhost... I have not tried the others.

best free webhosting with no ads are


the best website maker i recomend is Weebly,
we have had our company set on that server and it looks brilliant

its www.weebly.com/

Using a free webhost is like carrying headache with you. A free webhosting service will limit your website from expanding. I'd recommend you to go with Dreamhost which offers very cheap featured hosting service.You'll get web hosting with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and a free domain for just $1.8/month.

If you are searching for excellent tech support, cheap and reliable hosting provider for your best need it will never be easier for you. Because there are more than million of hosting providers to select and appraise them,You should choose hosting based upon the space that you need,amount of traffic your site will get and other such factors. I personally use http://www.9cubehosting.com/ for my hosting need since past two years i never had any issue with my web space and I’m paying less for my webspace . After searching over many internet resources and web hosting reviews it is seems to be fit for my all hosting need.you can go with them on a monthly basis .I host all my sites there and they are friendly and can assist you with whatever you need.

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