Hello! I'm a twelve year old programmer (and no i'm not using scratch in science class) i've taught myself over 6 programming languages and I was wondering if I'm too young to be programming but I don't think so because it dosen't matter how old you are you can change the world with your keyboards and code.

And I forgot to add commas. There goes the professionalism

Forgot the period too.

HAHAHAHAHA thanks for debugging your message. I was having difficulty compiling it.

No, you are never too young to start. 6 languages is a lot. Syntax is one thing, being able to utilize it and create applications is something that comes mostly with experience. Are you looking for experience? Would you like to work on a project? If that is the case, there are so many projects in places like codeplex that come and go, lose developers and do seek additional people to assist. I would suggest you go poking around at things that pique your interest and open a line of communication and see if you can join in. Others just welcome changes and you can add to them.

No matter what, have fun, do what excites you and change the world!


Sorry Jack, but you are too young to use DaniWeb in that case. So your account will be closed. Feel free to reapply when you are 13.

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Seriously 12 years old, 6 programming languages, what have i been doing.

I want to learn some programming languages but i feel too lazy to start, knowing someone like you exists i have no excuses(no promises though).