How to make the code with Random numbers and Time Executation?

#include <iostream> /* cout */
#include <cstdlib> /* srand, rand */
#include <ctime> /* time() */
#include <list> /* list */

#define BASE 10 // # of buckets to use
#define ARRAY_SIZE 50 // max # of elements in array

using namespace std;

// function prototypes
void radix(int* nums, int length, int max);

int main() {
    int nums[ARRAY_SIZE];
    int i;
    int max=0;

    // store random numbers to array, print their current order
    cout << "Before:\r\n";
    for (i=0; i<ARRAY_SIZE; i++) {
        // generate random #, 1-1000
        nums[i] = rand()%1000 + 1;

        // determine max element upon addition to array
        max = (nums[i] > max)? nums[i]: max;
        cout << "\t" << nums[i] << "\r\n";
    cout << endl << endl;

    // sort using radix algorithm, passing max element

    // print sorted array
    cout << "After:\r\n";
    for (int i=0; i<ARRAY_SIZE; i++)
        cout << "\t" << nums[i] << "\r\n";

    return 0;

void radix(int* nums, int length, int max) {
    list<int> bucket[BASE];
    int i;

    // iterate through each radix until n>max
    for (int n=1; max >= n; n *= BASE) {
        // sort list of numbers into buckets
        for (i=0; i<length; i++)

        // merge buckets back to list
        for (int k=i=0; i<BASE; bucket[i++].clear())
            for (list<int>::iterator j = bucket[i].begin(); j != bucket[i].end(); nums[k++] = *(j++));

Did you copy this code from somewhere? I have a hard time believing that you could produce this code and not know how to generate random numbers.

Yes I sow it in one website, but how can I do it with random numbers? Can You help me

Line 24 of the code you posted rand()%1000 + 1; is generating random numbers.
rand() function generates a random number, %1000+1 makes sure that you get a number not exceeding 1000. SO you get a random number not exceeding 1000

So what is your problem now??
Do you have any issues??

No it's ok thanks

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