hello i made a program where user enter any message then fing its frequency and push it on the queue and sort it i want to sort it again by which element in the same piority entered please anyone can help>?
for example for this message:
"Eerie eyes seen near lake. "
it show me :
instead of:

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Its hard to tell you how to code it if we can't see your code.

i cannot post the code here due to my university policy issues

So your university doesn't want you to post code to help sites but it is okay to get and use code from help sites?

man please read the post clearly?

The post clearly says "I want to sort it".

The rest of what the post says doesn't actually make much sense.

please see the ouput?

and help me look i already sot it piority wise buse with piority i need to sort which character comes first in that piority for example:
user enter this message :Eerie eyes seen near lake.
in my case it shows me 1. ,1E,1i.......and so on but i need to be displayed 1E(becasue capital E comes first in Piority 1) i hope u guys understand:)

please do watch about picture i hope u all get it

please help me i sort it by it occurance but i need to sort the occurance by the number entered

We can't really help you if we can't see your work. A screenshot of an output doesn't really help if there are many ways to come out with the same output.

problemo solved

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