Now retiring and would like to resume hobby of writing programmes. Is VB6 Enterprise the one to buy or has it been superceeded?

You shouldn't have to buy anything for hobby programming. If you want to use VB you can download the free version from Microsoft. I suggest you avoid VB6 and get a dot net version. I think C# is also free for certain versions and if you are so inclined, most versions of Python are free.

There are free versions of Visual Studio, providing C#, VB.Net and a bunch of other languages which can now be used with .Net, including Python (search for Visual Studio Express).
Your decision should depend on your requirements tho; are you doing web pages, or do you want client based applications, if so, do you want a user interface which runs on a specific OS or do you want it to run on many.
I have been reading about QT5 and their QML markup language for UI, and this is looking quite attractive, as well as being multi-platform. However I have not started to do any coding in it yet so I cannot really judge. Give it a try if you were ever fond of C or C++.
Personally I would stay well away from the old VB6, it had its day but is not the nicest way to write code any more. I'm not a hater, I used it extensively for quite some time, but newer languages let you do more with less code.

Perfect. Thank you. Both sound like excellent advice, and I won't have to buy anything.
Many thanks Reveeend Jim and LesF.