Hello everyone, I am new to the website! I've looked over the different forums and I think I'm in a dilemma. In my past (1996) I went to college to learn "Computer Service Technology", and in those classes I was taught Qbasic, Visual Basic, and a little bit of C (of course all but the basics of those classes are forgotten).

The problem I'm facing is that I'm not sure which language I would like to dive into. I don’t know much about the different languages to make a sound judgment on which one I would be happy learning. I know the very basics of programming such as if, whileif, loop, and, or, andif, else, ifelse. That is the basics that are still in my head.

I'm searching for a language that will help me with my career, not be a dead language ( or is not used that much), that I will enjoy for years to come, and I would be able to do mostly whatever I would like with it.

Thank you very much for anyone’s input!


You want a language that "would be able to do mostly whatever I would like with it" but that is the key question. What do you want to do with it? The most suitable language for you might well depend on whether you want to write desktop software or web stuff or whatever. Also the operating system(s) you will target can also affect your choice.

It is like asking what vehicle should you learn to use. A haulier might pick a truck and a courier might pick a motorcycle.

On the basis that you are "searching for a language that will help me with my career" I guess the real considerations are financial, not technical. Search on a job site covering your area and see which languages are in the most demand.

commented: Again: good advice! +15

Thank you for the reply, that all makes really good sense. I'll take a look at what is needed in my area, and go from there.

Thank you.

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