hi all

i am doing a programing and got stuck on two condition. here is the code that I have done so far. it is as far as i reach.

for(int i=1; i<=3; i++){

           System.out.println("please enter the employee id number");
           emp_idnum = input.nextInt();

           System.out.println("please enter the employee first name");
           empfirst_name = input.next();

           System.out.println("please enter the employee last name");
           emplast_name = input.next();

           public class inputChar()am now getting an error is when i put the semi-colon at the end of the statemnt

           if(inputChar.Equals.('F') || inputChar.Equal('f')){- got a red line that tells me to create a field called public class and when i did

can u tell me what I am missing here.thanks in advance

Your code as shown is not correct/valid and you aren't showing enough information, such as your class definitions. Are you trying to define a class inside another one?

so what should i do. and how do i define a class

Time to go back to the text book. This is not rocket science, and since you have to ask that question, you haven't been doing your homework... :-(

It looks like inputChar is supposed to be a char that the user inputs? That's not a class that you need to define. It's just like the int and String variables that you have already defined and read from the user.

inputChar.Equals.('F') is incorrect, equals method is on intended for string only not for characters

commented: equals is defined in Obect - applies to every class +0

divinity: don't read noobz32 's response, or, since you did, ignore it. it is wrong.

read James' remark instead. if you read it as a String, use the equals (not Equals) or equalsIgnoreCase method to compare them. if you read your input as a char, use the == operator to compare the values.

hi j

can u please answer me this question. if yuh have ah staement such as this one

inputChar = input.next().CharAt(0);

an u are getting an error underneath the charAt(0), what does does mean and how do u fix it and it is telling u cannot find symbol


see the difference?

ps: full English please - many of our members have English as a second or third language