Hi Guys;
I have a data grid imported from a CSV file. It has four columns name, price1, pice2, price3

I also have a drop down list which displays the first column of the datagid (name). If i select a name i want to be able to dispaly all prices of that row in diffferent textboxes i.e textbox1 has price has retieved from that row.

dropdownlist1.datasource = metalSource
dropdownlist1.DataTextField = "Name"

this si where i'm stuck now
Textbox.text = "price1"

Any help wih this will be apprechiated.


Re: Display Row Value from Datagrid 80 80

Something like this:

counter = dataGridView1.CurrentCell.RowIndex;
Textbox.text = DataGridView1.Rows(counter).Cells("price1").Value.ToString();
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