Hi may i ask how to Get value from database display in textbox?I had a table name mttuser.When i login it will automatic show me the personal informaion.
here is my code

private void Process_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
            gent_login frm_login = new gent_login();

            using (Mttuser_DAL dalObj = new Mttuser_DAL())
                if (frm_login.txt_proximity.Text != null)
                        Mttuser row = new Mttuser();
                        row.us_UserID = txt_id.Text;
                        row.us_EmpName = txt_name.Text;

                    catch (Exception es)

I had try it but it still no display any information that store in database.It is not using mysql or sql query because it had the connect code behind the code.

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Hello Yuki:
Just based on the code you presented here it looks like you're trying to assign what's in the TextBoxes to the columns in your database. Take a look at your code again and see if you can spot the error.

Hint: If you want to assign a value to your TextBox, what would you have to do? :)


MySqlConnection c = new MySqlConnection("your connection, username, password, port");
MySqlDataAdapter d = new MySqlDataAdapter();
string q;
DataTable t;

//here's the code for getting the data for mysql.
q = "Select * from YOURTABLE";
t = new DataTable();
d.SelectCommand = new MySqlCommand(q, c);
if(t.Rows.Count > 0)
    TextBox1.Text = t.Rows[0][0].ToString();//you will get the first data in your query result

just change the MySql to Sql if your are using Sql.

Happy Coding.

Jerrime Glori. :)
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