Hello folks,

I am having difficulties in an exercise about parallel programming using mpi and socket in C language.Below is the exercise.I would appreciate any help or suggestions


Exercise 5.3:

In one of the local network nodes there is a file named FILE = "..."
Develop a program using MPI and Sockets such that:
-user executes the program in the root node X giving the file name FILE
-the programm is splitted with MPI in parallel processes that are distributed throughout in all active nodes of the network
-root process distributes with MPI the name of the file to all parallel processes
-Every process in the respective node requires the existence of a file on disk named FILE (our file) and if it finds it 
communicates with the root process throughout socket by sending the contents of the file.
-program should be constructed without the use of procedures.
-distributed of the processes in the network is performed by middleware 
- execution of processes can also be experimented on a single PC, in this case in the disk should be created some directories and every parallel process can search only in his directory.

Provide your code, errors, and problems, then we may help you. That said, we DO NOT do your homework for you!

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