Hello All,

I have created a new windows form application in Visual studio Express 2013. How would I get .NET framwork added to Windows Form application so I can use both?

I have also got visual express web 2013 and .NET framworkdapppears on there.

I am getting annoyed. Can I please get some help?

P.S.- Stackoverflow suckssssss

You where using classes from the .NET framework when your where building your Windows form application. To say that stackoverflow sucks does not help us to solve your problem. We like to see some code and exact error messages.

If you use C# you have .NET as well. Don't know why they have to call VB, VB.NET.
To make a difference with the previous VB6?

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It's kind of unclear of what you are trying to do. If you are wanting to add another project and change the .NET framework, simply go to the properties of that project, right click and go to properties, and under the application tab, change the target framework. Just remember that with this, any project that hangs off of this project, needs to be an equal or lower version framework, otherwise you will get errors.

If you are needing to import a framework for some reason, if you click on new project, pull down the dropdownlist of frameworks and there should be <More Frameworks...> at the bottom of the dropdownlist. I use professional 2013 so it may be different if you are using express.

If you are saying that you simply cannot see the frameworks when you click new project, then I would suggest try reinstalling the express edition.

Personally, I would download the community version instead. It is just like professional except free. It has more features than the express version.

And one other thing, don't count out stackoverflow. I use that every day here at work and more times than not, it gives me the answer almost every time.