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At my work I been provided a QAAWS that will provide me with certain. For privacy reason I cannot give you the actual QAAWS but it is simila to this one. I know how to create a web service and pulled the data using my own SQl queries but I have no clue how to extract the data fron a QAAWS. I can see the data using SOAPUI 5.0.0, and I can extract the XML and put in an excel spreadsheet, but what I want to do is to a more automatic approach. I want to use the QAAWS and extract the data from it and use it to publish the results in our website. Does anybody have an idea on how to do this approach? I been searching all around and there aren't any tutorials or guidelines on how to do this? Am I overcomplicationg it?

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Priteas, thank you for the idea. This is my first time adding a service reference to it, but I can see some structure to it now, but still lost. Do you know of a good resource on how to use the service reference? I am looking for one right now but I wanted to know your expert opinion.

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