do one know , how find yahoo Username Availability in vb.net
How to check a Yahoo! ID for availability before sign up for a new e-mail account .

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Sounds to me, based on this and your other posts, that you are trying to create an app to automatically create Yahoo accounts and then cover your tracks. It also seems to me that the only reason to automate this is because you want to do it repeatedly. Call me cynical but I can't see any legitimate reason to want to do this.


Reverend Jim you are toooo cynical
it was meant for personal purpose , to find wanted id before sign up for a new account.
Reverend Jim
Reverend Reverend Jim
Reverend real
Reverend fake
Reverend tim

now if you had to make any new account from that list
the pro would find avail account that way you dont have to personaly try and find availability

and for your informatiom you cant automatically create Yahoo accounts , as new account need phone verification.

that mean 1 number per new account.

and what to cover up track for , is it a crime to find Availability or mak new account.

kindly dont assume any crap. no offence.

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It just seems to me that the effort in automating that process far exceeds the effort in trying various combinations of non-random user IDs. Especially since you'd only have to do it once.

As for the clearing your internet history, cookies, index.dat, etc., you may be interested in knowing that in at least one state (Massachusetts) you could get imprisoned for doing just that.


Whatever it could be you reason of wanting this, Yahoo (and any other service) would never allow you to do that. Better follow the normal conduct.

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