Im trying to create something like a simple OS.
but Im trying to make the drag and drop system, I dont know even how to start with this, any help?

Yes that's definitely something to start with.
When building a new car engine, start with the windshiels wipers.

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thanks for the sarcasm but thats not what I need right now.

I understand, but why so interested in drag and drop when designing an OS?

I suggest you get a book on operating system design and read it instead of asking us to help when you have shown no proof of effort on your part. I also suggest that (or vb of any flavour) is probably not your best choice of language for this type of project.

Suggested reading - Andrew Tanenbaum's Operating Systems: Design and Implementation.

A better place to start might be the OSDev wiki, especially the Introduction page (particularly the section 'What Is An Operating System?'), Beginner's Mistakes, and Required Knowledge. The textbook can come after you decide whether or not you really want to tackle such a major project; chances are, after you see just how big a task it really is, you won't. Operating system development is perhaps the hardest area of programming, a task even seasoned pros would hesitate to take on. The only things that come close are language and compiler design, DBMS engine design, and window manager design (which is a completely different thing from OS design).

On second thought, I suspect that the part you actually want to read is What Is A GUI?, since I am pretty sure that what you are looking at writing is a desktop manager, not an operating system. While it is possible to focus on the UX of an OS design early on, you still would need to have a working kernel and other more basic facilities first before even contemplating that.

I'd still recommend reading the other sections, as they will clear up some of the confusion you seem to have, and will probably save you a lot of headaches. I'd also recommend lurking on the OSDev forum afterwards, but you really don't want to post there until you have covered the basic material in the wiki (and at least one textbook) first, as they tend to be harsh on newbies who haven't done their homework - and for good reason, as there have been a lot of novices coming in there who have no idea how major an OS prject really is. Make sure to have read the How to Ask Questions section (and read the Eric Raymond page it links to) beforehand, as well.

Beyond that, I would have to ask you about what experience you have with programming, and specifically:

  • how solid your understanding of implementing and using basic data structures and algorithms is,
  • how much overall programming excperience you have,
  • how well you know both x86 assembly language and C (even if you are using a different development language, there are some parts that must be done in assembly, and you will need to understand both C and assembly language to understand most of the example code you might find out there),
  • whether you have ever used a source control system (e.g., subversion, git, mercurial) and an external repository (e.g., Sourceforge, Savannah, Github) and are prepared to set one up for you project (an absolute must for OS work).

Be aware that is simple isn't possible to write an OS in VB.Net unless you are prepared to write a native-code compiler for the language as well.

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I wanted to make a type of drag and drop software, the OS was the best way to explain to you. would be confused if would tell all the project.

It was not for a OS, even that I said so, but had no other way how to explain.

What is the system and software you are using?

What is the system and software you are using? And in which language you would like to implement drag&drop?

VS 2013, win 8.1

wanted to make something like FileMaker but really really simple, wanted to play with connection strings and learn those better. but wanted to make and drag and drop option to add new fields etc

@rproffitt I did not understood what that has to do with this topic.

nevermind, I archive to make this

  Dim butonlocation, cursorpoint As Point

    Private Sub renew()
        butonlocation = Button1.Location
        cursorpoint = Cursor.Position

    End Sub

    Private Sub Button1_MouseDown(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs) Handles Button1.MouseDown
        Timer1.Enabled = True

    End Sub

    Private Sub Button1_MouseUp(sender As Object, e As MouseEventArgs) Handles Button1.MouseUp

    End Sub

    Private Sub Timer1_Tick(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Timer1.Tick
        Button1.Location = butonlocation - cursorpoint + Cursor.Position

    End Sub

altjen, your later replies sound more like an application than an operating system. I wonder if you need to start over and share you wanted to write an application (app) than an entire OS.

if you can read some of my replier on top you would see that I explained why I said os.

altjen, I re-read your later replies and it didn't make it any clearer. My suggestion is you abandon this thread and try again but craft a better question. I see everyone did give it a good try.