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I need to get a random file name from a specific directory (folder) each time this routine is called. I was given these steps on another website, but I need to be shown how this is done. Can you please assist?

Get the files - Directory.GetFiles or DirectoryInfo.GetFiles
Get the file count - Array.Length
Generate the random number - Random.Next
Get the random file - index the array using the random number

I have no clue how to do this. Please help.


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It's actually less trouble to just show you the code than it is to chastize you for not showing any effort to solve it yourself ^_^.

Dim myFiles As New List(Of String)

For Each file As String In My.Computer.FileSystem.GetFiles("D:\temp")

Dim rnd As New Random
MsgBox(myFiles(rnd.Next(0, myFiles.Count)))

What do you know. I was able to do both. I don't know of any vb.net book that doesn't cover these beginner level techniques.

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Please don't "chastize" me. I am just learning VB 2010 express (I got it for FREE), and it didn't come with a book.
My initial VB experience came from VB 4.0 which I also got FREE with books, but as you well know, VB has changed alot over the years. Thank you for the assist. I specifically ask for you because I knew you of all people could do this. I'll try harder on my own next time, before I ask for any help. Thank you again.


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As long as I can see that you are putting in effort to learn I don't have a problem helping out. If you google vb.net tutorials online you can find lots of free training such as this one.

And it was more of a gentle reminder (I did include a smiley) than a chastizing. I've seen more than my share of people who just post their homework assignments and don't even bother to explicitly ask for help. Certainly you do not fall into that category.

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