list of 28,500 words (read in from text file), one word per line
Do not actually store the words in the hash tables; rather use integer arrays initialized to all zeros. If a word hashes to position i, simply increment the value in position i. In running your trials, use an
array of size 5701.

(not sure what the output should look like) I have started the code with the hashing but I dont know how to do it without storeing the words in a table

For each function, report the average chain length (for chains w/ values), the
number of empty chains and the longest five chains.
Report on the “goodness” of the functions used based on the:
just some ideas for criteria, many others are possible. Write as output statements in your program.
** ( I have some code for chains but not sure on how to report on "goodness")**
The number of chains of length zero is less than 10% of all chains.
The length of the longest chain will be less than eight times the expected length
of the average chain.
Hashing Functions:
add the Unicode values of the characters in the word, save as a long
integer and obtain the remainder using 5701
( Unicode sample would help)
For each of the following character strings s, compute the location
h(s) = ns mod 5701
for this string in a hash table of size 5701, where ns is the (generally,
extremely large) integer that is obtained by mapping each symbol in s to a
number between 0 and 127 and using these as a “digits” of a base-128

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