Just a quick question here for VB.NET developing with Visual Studio.

I have an existing project (Project A) and I want to use portions of it as a foundation for another related project (Project B). How can I safely copy Project A to another location, rip out unnecessary forms, code, etc, then rename and start developing Project B.

Blindly tried this before and lost various elements that were obviously....eh...important :(

Appreciate your recommendation, suggestions,

I just open two instances of Visual Studio and copy/paste controls & code between projects.

Rev Jim, an honor to to have join me, thanks.

I did that before and ended up with an error before I made any changes:

Error   1   Could not find file 'C:\Users\blah\blah\Visual Studio 2012\Projects.......\x86\Release\GrindSales.XmlSerializers.dll'.

What about all the 'behind the scenes files?

Following your suggestion, where can I 'Save As' a different name for new project and related files?

Thanks Jim

1) You can copy and paste your desired files from one project folder to another project folder by using windows explorer, but through visual studio's solution explorer you must have to add them to your project as existing file otherwise the project would not attach them into it and you would be unable to use them.
2) Without copy paste you can directly attach them form any destination in your computer to your project through solution explorer as add existing file it can automatically make a new file in your project folder if it does not exist previously there.

Hope it can help you.