Hey, I'm looking for big answer for my big answer, Even I can't think can I do this, this way.

In my program I load some mysql table's columns to list boxes. Think I load Customer_id and name to two list boxes. Then I want to move these list boxes values to another mysql table. Special thin is this another table has 3 columns. (customer_id, name,amount) for the 3rd column I want to use list box to add data.
For adding data to list box should be like :
Think I loaded four records to list box. then list box will appear four items in 1 & 2 list box. Then I want to add automatic create 4 records to 3rd list box which named amount.
For this must do when running application.
Each amount records are wanted entered by user.
Can this do ?

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This is hard to understand exactly what you want.
You have, for example, the name and id listed in list boxes 1 and 2, like so:

LB1            LB2
1                 Adam
2                Tony
3                Dave
4                Lisa

And then you want a third list box that gets the amount variable. Where does this value come from?
The only problem you have is how to create this value, after that you're just storing it in a database table.
Can you better explain that part?

yes I can explain that. I get your example to describe situation.
Think LB1 and LB2 items retrive from customer table. (columns-id,name)
Think These customers got loan from business. Today two customers must paid $10 and others must paid $10.
That amount must be adding from 3rd list box.
Are you got it ?

As far as is understandable you want the third field of a new row to be the sum of the previous values (namely you want it to be accumulative). If it's that you dont the need the third field to be present in the GUI because that should be done internally in the app code or as a trigger in the database.

LB1:          LB2:                LB3:
1             Value 1              5      (paid 5)
2             Value 2             10      (paid 5)
3             Value 3             25      (paid 15)
n             Value n
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