Im very new to programming and I need to make a looping flexgrid

with the specific code of 
grid1.additem 3guc+1 vbtab 3guc+2 vbtab 3guc+3
in the middle of my loop

the flexgrid only needs to look like this 1 2 3
                                                                                          4 5 6
                                                                                          7 8 9

                                                                  can someone help me code this, if i even made this make sense?

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My first change would be off of VB6. It's been out of distribution for over a decade and what you learn on it, well, you would have to relearn in your new system.

Often the reason is because it was handed out for free or such, so to avoid getting yourself dated instantly go get the new free Visual Studio and start again in your quest.

im learning on vb6 because i will be picking up the programing on all of my fathers programs and he uses vb6

Even more reason to move forward. Visual Studio is what you need to start with, not this old thing. Google like this.

VB6 won't get you all this. Why not start with a current and FREE system?

PS. What is "looing"?
PPS. Picking up the programming? If your father is there, ask him to teach since you need to know how the apps work and more.

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