I have a datagridvied with several columns and one with date and the format is

Me.DataGridView1.Columns("Doopdatum").DefaultCellStyle.Format = "yyyy - MM - dd dddd"


Me.DataGridView1.Columns("Doopdatum").DefaultCellStyle.Format = "dddd dd - MM - yyyy"

Depends on the button i press

My problem is when i reverse from "yyyy - MM - dd dddd" to "dddd dd - MM - yyyy" It dos not work proper

I have the folowing code to reverse the date

Private Sub DoopdatumOmdraaienToolStripMenuItem_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles DoopdatumOmdraaienToolStripMenuItem.Click
        If DoopdatumOmdraaienToolStripMenuItem.CheckState = CheckState.Checked Then
            Me.DataGridView1.Columns("Doopdatum").DefaultCellStyle.Format = "dddd  dd - MM - yyyy"
            For Each row As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows
                Dim date1 As Date = row.Cells(5).Value
                row.Cells(5).Value = Format(date1.ToString("dddd  dd - MM - yyyy"))

            With My.Settings
                .Setting25 = True
            End With
        End If

        If DoopdatumOmdraaienToolStripMenuItem.CheckState = CheckState.Unchecked Then
            Me.DataGridView1.Columns("Doopdatum").DefaultCellStyle.Format = "yyyy - MM - dd  dddd"
            For Each row As DataGridViewRow In DataGridView1.Rows
                Dim date1 As Date = row.Cells(5).Value
                row.Cells(5).Value = Format(date1.ToString("yyyy - MM - dd  dddd"))
            With My.Settings
                .Setting25 = False
            End With

        End If
    End Sub

My outut gives the following when it is in dddd dd MM yyyy.
1111 - 01 - 31 Dinsdag
1111 - 01 - 04 Zaterdag
Donderdag 05 - 01 - 1111

and so on

What am i doing wrong
I tried everything Please help

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I see what happens but i do not know why.
When i order the date column in the datagridview to asc or desc the Id column is
Not in order then it is like 4 3 7 1 2 6 5 or what else Or what else. Depence on the date.
When i reverse the date of each row than it is not working proper.
Wen i orde the id column to asc or desc so that the id column is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
The i can reverse the date column proper


I have created a attechment you can download it at

its created with VS 2015 Net framework 4.6.1 dutch version
Database is SQLITE

Reorder the dates and reverse it Code is all included

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Yes jjjj dos not work. Gives an error
The conversion of string Tuesday 03 - 01 - jjjj to Type Date is invalid.


The problem is that you enter a string into a cell formatted for a date.
Just change
row.Cells(5).Value = Format(date1.ToString("yyyy - MM - dd dddd"))
row.Cells(5).Value = date1
that should work.
Me.DataGridView1.Columns("Doopdatum").DefaultCellStyle.Format = "yyyy - MM - dd dddd"
defines the display of the value, but the value is always a date.

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