Hi everyone, so i have currently made a small antivirus project (just for me) but i want to make it cool with signiture definitions ect. Basically what ive got so far is my program reads a text file with loads of sha256 hashes to see if the file that enterd the computer has the same sha256 if it reads all text from the text file and the sha256 matches then its removed. If not then well nothing happens ofcourse. But i want to make it cooler, so can anyone walk me through how to make a database (i can add the sha256 and name, just need help on how to do it) then i want my program to read all the text from the colum with the sha256 hashes and then if found in a label to get the virus name (in the same line but collum to the left, or somthing like that. in vb.net. Thanks in advance! :-)

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