The University wants to make a basic graphical display to show how many people received different grades for a piece of work on a module. You are required to write a program in C++ that achieves this. The program is in a number of parts.

  1. The program should allow the tutor to enter in the various marks which the students have been awarded, until the tutor enters in a mark exceeding 100. At this point the program should display a histogram. Each star represents a student who achieved a module mark in the range shown.
    This is an example of the output. The example below shows the distribution of marks for 20 students. Your program should work with any number of student marks entered.
    0-29 *
    30-39 ***

    40-69 **** 70-100 ****
    20 students in total.
    • As the tutor enters each mark, a counter should count the number of student’s marks that have been entered. The total number of students should be displayed under the histogram, as in the example above.
    • Use the same 4 category ranges shown here.
    • Make sure the display is neatly formatted as above.
    • Your program should make use of ‘loops’ for the display of each category.


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